Monday, April 4, 2011

There u go :-D finished up again...

Got my self together and finished my lightblue, glitterish scarf. Very proud, as always when I finish a project.
Finaly, I've got my fingers in the new yarn, 100% merino. A crocheted moebius!! Only one problem... I'm way to fast :-/ I'm already finished and not satisfyed. Planning on ripping it all up again, only to find a more difficult pattern, need some challenge. Maybe this will be an idea: Moebius or cowl or shawl
Crafted on the train again, love it, rock'n roll music, sunny weather, 70' sunglasses and curious people, this time over beautiful Öresund on my way to Sweden. Love the way everybody looks at the work, to shy to ask about it. Usually I drop a couple of buisnesscards on the table, maybe theyre not so shy when i leave the train. I love to share my thoughts and work, so do please share the articles with friends and family, thanx ;-).