Saturday, February 19, 2011

Big news... another dick spotted in Eskebjerg!

Working outside all week long. The kids played most of the time, but did their part of the work as well. Firewood is in the new woodshed, the grass is prepaired for the spring, the birds got their birdhouse and restaurant.

I found this piece of wood... Yet another time, my mind fell on the knitdick 
(Sorry mother :-*) Just could'nt help my self ;-)

Inside I've been working my a** off in the kitchen!! Of own free will, I must say, loving it and woulde'nt switch it for nothing else. 
Results of the week: Homemade pasta, sourdoughbred, Riebred, lots and lots of food, cinnamon rolls, brownies, homemade icecream.
Proud??? U bet I'm proud!!!

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  2. Det måste du förstå, naturen kan inte uppfinna hur många olika former som helst utan måste återanvända vissa...
    Älskar böjen! Kramar