Monday, March 21, 2011

gardening and spring...

This weekend the sun was shining (part of the time). And since I LOOOOVE dirt under my nails, i desided to fix the garden!! A big flowerbed, with a pond and a small hanging lantern on a stick.
My back's in pain, my legs hurts, my shoulders are numb... but wath the f*** it's beatiful and i love it!!! A smile appears on my lips as i glance at my work. Well done!

Later sunday evening, me and my lovely man desided to try out constructing on the beach. The plan was, to watch the beutiful romantic sunset... The result was, building dams and canals for the melting water to run through. A whole lot of fun and wet socks :-D fun to be childish with someone u love.

The cows in the picture walks all over the area around the beach of vesterlyng.

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