Monday, October 31, 2011

jingle bells, jingle bells... da di dum di dej...

X-mas is not far away, and with a big family as mine :-S there's lot of gift waiting to be done!

My brother in law has gigantic feet (sorry, but you do <3) and can't find big enough wolly slippers. Problem fixed :-D one pair of felted slippers ready to be wrapped and hidden under the tree. The flipflop is a size 45, and the picture is before felting.


I also finished off the last hat... the one with dragon spikes. Looking so much forward to se my sons face when he gets it :-)

I spent most of the weekend in the garden, preparing for x-mas. But I did catch the rest of the fall in some pics :-D

The rasberry was a bit sour, although I could dreem my way back to the summer <3
Love to all of you <3<3<3

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